Pirate Wall Art

  • $149.00

Avast mateys! Ye come seekin' adventure in salty ol' pirates eh? Hang this up on a wall to add that festive piratey feel to any room.

The flag and jolly roger skull and crossbones are raised slightly (about 1/8th of an inch) for a subtle 3 dimensional look. The flag is decorated to look rustic and distressed. The background portion was created with 3/4 inch stained cedar wood. It comes fully assembled and ready to mount with included mounting bracket and 3 screws. Simply screw the bracket to your wall at a secure point, making sure it's level, and then gently set the wooden art piece in place. The opposing angles will hold it securely. Hangs as 1 piece.

Dimensions: 22.25 inches wide x 18 inches tall x 1 inch thick = ~ 56cm wide x 46 cm tall x 3cm thick