3D print-a-bowls, openLOCK, and Coasters

3D print-a-bowls, openLOCK, and Coasters

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I need a coaster...   

     Sooooo, I was thinking the other day "Hmmm....I need a coaster...." and then I thought, "what if that coaster could have my rpg character's name on it? Oh, and a place to hold my dice, and my minis, and maybe my phone, and there should be bowls for game components. Maybe there could be dice towers and trays, and terrain." But then I thought "what if it could all clip together, yeah, it should all clip together" Then I realized I didn't have to reinvent the wheel here, I could make them compatible with openLOCK.  So I contacted Printable Scenery and they gave us a license to the use openLOCK system commercially.

What do you want to see in a system like this?

         We want this to be a versatile system to help you organize and enhance your tabletop games. We've got a list a mile long of all the different types of pieces we are trying to incorporate into this system:

  • Component Bowls (3D print - a - bowls)
  • Mug Coasters
  • Soda Can Coasters
  • Dice Towers
  • Dice Trays
  • Dice Slides
  • Miniature Holders
  • Cell Phone Holder.
  • Name Plates
  • Terrain Tiles
  • Scatter Terrain
  • Playing Card Holders

Tell us what else you'd like to see in the comments below.

3D print-a-bowls

  Many gamers I know like to use bowls for components during play, so I thought we should have a variety of sizes and shapes that all clip into the same openLOCK system. And above all they should look awesome, like bowls out of a fantasy or sci-fi world. 

Bowl varieties


     We are currently in the process of testing many of the files as we develop more pieces for the system.

This is a "Rock Slide", its a new fun way to roll your dice!


Digital .STL file downloads

     We will be offering all these files in a digital download.  They will be available for a personal use download or a yearly commercial printing license.


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Two of my favourite STL file sets are from yourself, riddle forest and stone pillar 2 – amazing, cant wait for the open lock set

Keep up the good work ;)

david smith

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