About Us

Welcome to Xykit (pronounced Zy-kit), thanks for stopping by. Xykit is a made up word combining the Xy from the greek word (Xylo) meaning "wood" with kit, Xy-kit, basically meaning wooden kits. The wolf in our logo, is named Xylo.

    We offer a variety of digital files for laser cutting , 3d printing, crafting and tabletop games. We love art, design, woodworking, 3D printing, and playing games.  We are always busy adding to our library of designs so please check back often for more content.

Our Goal:

   We want to provide top quality designs to makers, crafters, hobbyists and DIYers.  Not all small shops can afford to hire a designer or can find the time to design new products, we want to help you have new designs to choose from and expand and grow your business, or just make some awesome gifts for your loved ones.

Meet the Owners:

We are Jason and Bekah, the owners of Xykit. Jason is the head in the clouds artist, and Bekah is the organized one. We keep each other in check.  Jason does the design and woodworking while Bekah does a lot of behind the scenes work.  Jason has a degree in Cabinet and Furniture Design, and has been woodworking since childhood. He has worked for several cabinet and furniture shops, guitar makers, and in the board game industry managing production of custom board game inserts.  Bekah has a degree in Biology and has trained in photography. She has run multiple businesses and currently runs her own clothing store Purple Pineapple Apparel. By purchasing designs from our store you directly support us and the creation of new designs, thank you so much!