About Us

Hi everyone, I'm Jason. I love designing things and want to provide you with unique and artistic things to make.  My background is in woodworking design and has progressed through many woodworking fields: cabinets, furniture, guitars, laser cutting, board game organizers and accessories, etc.  When I'm not designing I spend time with my wife and four kids, play board games, hike, or watch geeky shows. I also love drawing and art and try incorporate a more artistic aspect into the designs.

Xykit (pronounced Zy-kit) is a made up word combining the Xy from the Greek word (Xylo) meaning "wood" with kit, Xy-kit, basically meaning wooden kits. Our Mascot (the wolf in our logo), is named Xylo.

Our Goal:

   We want to provide top quality designs to small businesses, makers, crafters, hobbyists and DIYers.  We want to help you have new designs to choose from and expand and grow your business, or just make some awesome gifts for your loved ones. Most of our files allow for commercial use so that you can make back your investment and make some money!