About Us


    ..to xykit.com! I'm Jason, the designer behind xykit.com. I love nerdy genres and designing new things. I especially enjoy the tabletop RPG and board game realm. We provide digital files for creative people who like to make things themselves. We have a very stylized aesthetic and make both fun and functional items. 

What kind of items are available at xykit.com?

   We've got all sort of digital files for makers: 

  • 3D printable models
  • Laser Cutting Designs
  • Crafting Files
  • and Paper Printables


   To provide quality designs for makers, crafters, small businesses, hobbyists and DIYers.  We want to help you have new, unique items to choose from to enhance your tabletop games, grow your business, or make some awesome gifts for your friends and family.

Past Kickstarter projects...

   Over the past few years we've had some incredible support on several Kickstarter projects that focus on gaming accessories, terrain, and minis for tabletop games.


What does Xykit mean?

    Xykit (pronounced Zy-kit) is a made up word combining the Xy from the Greek word (Xylo) meaning "wood" with kit, Xy-kit, basically meaning wooden kits. Our Mascot (the wolf in our logo), is named Xylo.

   Xykit has grown to mean even more than "wooden kit", we focus on designing for X - Y machines: 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, cnc, etc. We strive to continue to add to our design library and be a valuable resource for the maker community.

Print it with Xykit!