Kickstarter Summer 2019

Kickstarter Summer 2019


We've been busy...

    Ever since we started Xykit 4 years ago, we've wanted to do a series of themed dice towers. We've been sketching and planning all this time and began to test and prototype this year. Over the past several months we have worked on perfecting these towers to add a unique style with a modular system.  We wanted the towers to feel like they belong with the games you are playing.

The Dream...

     Our dream for these dice towers was to allow for creativity. We want you to be able to build them to suit you. You can mix styles, custom paint them, make them as tall as you want. We have so many ideas for new towers and pieces that we wanted to focus our attention on the designs. That is why we have decided to offer the dice tower files as a digital download.

Digital Downloads...

    What does that mean?  It means that if you are a maker, a DIYer, or a crafter with access to a laser cutter, you can pick up the files and begin building the dice tower(s) of your dreams. We will be offering both personal and commercial licenses for the dice tower files.

But, I don't have a laser...

     We realize that not everyone out there has a laser cutter. With the rise in popularity of lasers, there are many places that you can gain access to one: local maker spaces, schools, a friend with a woodworking business, even some libraries now have laser cutters. Or, maybe its time to buy a laser for yourself. 

Will you be selling the physical dice towers?

    The short answer for now is, no. It is our plan to focus on adding more designs to this line of dice towers. We want to help the creative community of makers spend more time making!  Ultimately, we want you to be able to make these towers and build them in ways that suit your gaming needs.

    We also hope that through offering a commercial license we will be able to have some larger companies partner with us in manufacturing these towers. So that those of you that aren't able to cut them yourself can still enjoy these unique towers.

When is the Kickstarter?

    The Kickstarter is now LIVE! We Launched June 25th, 2019. The campaign will run for 30 days! Will you help us make this Kickstarter a success?

Go to the KICKSTARTER->>>>>

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