Pillars of Stone II - Pick a CORE SET

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Pillars of Stone II Kickstarter Pledge

Updated 8-15-2021


- The Mountain Set
- The Pirate Bluffs Set
- The Steampunk Set
- The Sci-Fi Set


-The Dwarven Mines Set(Social goal)

Each Starting Set includes:

- Dice Tower
- Dice Tower Tray
- Sicky-Note Holder
- Cell Phone Holder
- Half-Tile Bits-Bowl
- Open Bits-Bowl
- Divided Bits Bowl (2 openings)
- Divided Bits-Bowl (3 openings)
- Decor DM / Game Master Wall 1
- Decor DM / Game Master Wall 2
- Poker Sized Card Tray

The Core-Set also includes 3 Unlocked Backer Goals

-The Mini Poison Bottle dice tower with tray (for 10-12mm dice)

-The Mountain Rock Slide

-The Pillars of Stone Basalt Dice tower with Tray