Pillars of Stone: ELEMENTALS - BUNDLE - 3D print files

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This set contains all the item for the Kickstarter Campaign for Pillars of Stone: ELEMENTALS


4 Starting Dice Towers (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) Support-less

4 Matching Dice Trays, Support-less

4 Matching 75mm base Elemental Minis, Support-less

4 Matching 50mm base Elemental Minis, Support-less

5 Earth Eleminion Minis, Pre-Supported

5 Water Eleminion Minis, Pre-Supported

5 Fire Eleminion Minis, Pre-Supported

5 Air Eleminion Minis, Pre-Supported

8 Element effects (3 earth, 3 water, 1 fire, and 1 air)

PLUS 4 Elemental Pillars, hexagon base (map tile size Pillars of Stone II)

Pillars of Stone II base with openLOCK and magnet holes


All BONUS items

4 Elemental Coins, earth water, fire, air

1 Earth Player Tile

1 Water Player Tile

1 Fire Player Tile

1 Air Player Tile

Unlocked Stretch Goals

Ooze Dice Tower with matching dice tray and miniature versions

Ice Dice Tower with matching dice tray and miniature versions

Smoke Dice Tower with matching dice tray and miniature versions


*digital file, NOT a physical product

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