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The Librarian's Enchanted Tome 2 - Dark Times - 3D print files

The Librarian's Enchanted Tome 2 - Dark Times - 3D print files

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A new set of 3D printable Tabletop storage tomes featuring baddies from the fantasy realm. Customizable with removable trays, and emblems. This new set includes .3MF files for the tomes and multi-piece accessories. Also includes .STL files.

*Requires 6mm x 1.5mm disc magnets

This set includes:

The 6 Starting Tome Forms:

  • -The Goblin Tome
  • -The Elder Script
  • -Feathered Fiend (Owl Bear)
  • -Skeletons Compendium
  • -Deadly Demons
  • -Great Spiders

(Right and Left Covers, spines and inner pages for standard and commander size tomes)

  • + NEW Removable Insert Trays
  • + 24 NEW Front/Back Emblems
  • +24 NEW Side Emblems
  • +26 Mysterious Script Alphabet Emblems
  • + The Librarian's Wand
  • + The Dungeon Torch (affiliate link to the LED lights I used: (

+ Stretch Goals 1-4,6-8

  • The Yeti Frost Tome (Face and Cave versions)
  • The Torch Wall Mount
  • Multi-Purpose Trays
  • Goblin Dice Pal ("a Foe in the basement")
  • Plague Doctor Tome
  • The Device (Tome Stand)
  • Bonus Emblems

(does NOT include Backer's Choice stretch goal)

**Digital files only, no physical product will be shipped. This product is for 3D printing at home for personal use. For commercial use, please check out our merchant program HERE.

-last updated 5/6/24

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