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     I'd like to introduce to you to the wonderful world of 3D printable, collectible characters. These unique creatures and machines are the perfect way to store your dice in style! Dice Pals look incredible on your nerd shelves and have the added benefit of storing a standard set of RPG dice


What's in this set?

There are 5 of each theme: Robots, Mythical Creatures, and Pet Monsters, totaling 15 Dice Pals.

Pick them up individually, or get the whole set for a bundled price!

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What are Dice Pals?

     Dice Pals are inspired by our animal companions from "The Level-Up" Kickstarter, but have been scaled down in size to print faster, and take less filament. These fun critters all have twist off heads that allow you to access a cylindrical storage compartment inside. The compartments can hold a standard size(19mm D20) 7 piece RPG dice set, plus has a little extra room for more dice options. Some characters have a little extra space in their heads, while others have a little extra space built into their bodies, but all of them have approximately the same amount of storage.

What are they for?

   As I mentioned above, not only are they great for storing your collection of dice sets and bringing to game night, they also look great as Collectible Characters on your shelves. These stylized figures make great gifts, print some out for your dungeon master, game group, and those young gamers in your life! You can even keep your office supplies in them, paper clips, staples, rubber bands.

3D Printable Models

   These characters come in the form of digital .STL files. We will NOT be providing physical products with this release. If you would like to get them 3D printed, please check with our growing list of licensed merchants.

Recommended Print Settings

All pieces are design to fit in a build volume of (180mm x 180mm x 180mm)

 Dice Pals are designed and tested with FDM printing in mind. 

FDM printer settings:

  All our samples were printed with a .6mm nozzle for faster printing

  • Layer Height - .2mm
  • Infill - 10-15%
  • Shells - (3) .4mm nozzle, (2) .6mm nozzle
  • Supports - NONE 

Can you print in Resin?

   Sure, if your printer is large enough, and you have a good understanding of hollowing and adding resin supports. However, please keep in mind that we have not tested these designs for Resin printers.

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