Xykit Officially Licensed Merchant

Become a licensed merchant for Xykit 

Choose $25 USD / Month or $240 USD / Year (20% off)

You will receive:

  • Rights to sell physical 3D printed versions of designs purchased from Xykit.

  • Merchant logo download set for xykit.com.

  • Your shop will be featured on our website so we can refer interested customers to your online store.

Please see our Commercial License Agreement for more details.

To Subscribe and start selling CLICK HERE

You will also need to Complete this updated Merchant Form in order to activate your license and have your shop listed on xykit.com.

*Please note, completing the merchant form itself does not grant you a commercial license, you must be actively subscribed to the Merchant Program to sell physical prints of our designs.

What's New?

  This new merchant program simplifies the merchant process. Subscribing to this new program allows you to sell physical 3D prints of designs you have purchased from xykit.com or our Kickstarter projects. There will no longer be a need to purchase / maintain separate licenses for each product line.

Why is the program changing?

   Historically, we've launched merchant licenses with each new product line through Kickstarter. This makes it harder for you, the merchant, to keep track of which licenses are active, and more expensive when maintaining multiple licenses for our various product lines.

   With the NEW merchant program it is much easier to keep track of your license status. As long as you are subscribed, you will be considered "active" and there will no longer be a need to purchase multiple licenses, everything will be joined into one license. 


 - Does this new program cancel my existing active license?

 No, this program doesn't cancel your existing license. This program will replace our previous licenses when your existing license(s) expires. To continue to sell once your license(s) expires you can simply subscribe to the merchant program.

-Can I still add NEW products to my previous license?

Yes, we have slowly been working toward an overarching license for xykit.com and have allowed merchants to add products to their existing license(s), with the exception of the Pillars of Stone lifetime license. If you still have a paid and active annual license you may simply purchase our products and sell them for the remaining duration of that license.

-Can I still purchase a license through upcoming Kickstarters?

Going forward we will only be offering licensing through our merchant program on xykit.com.  

- If I have a Lifetime License for Pillars of Stone, does that cover other designs under my license?

No, the lifetime license for Pillars of Stone strictly covers items from that Kickstarter. If you wish to sell physical prints of any other design, you will need to subscribe to our Merchant Program.

- I only sell prints in person or at shows, do I need a license?

Yes, you will need to subscribe for each month that you will be selling. For example, If you sell at shows just through the summer May, June, July and August, you can subscribe to our Monthly License just for those 4 months. If you do choose to start selling again, you will need to subscribe again.

-What can I sell?

Subscribing to the Merchant Program allows you to sell physical 3D prints of the designs purchased from xykit.com or through our Kickstarter projects, subject to the terms of our Commercial License Agreement.

For any other questions and inquiries regarding our merchant program, please contact us.