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Do you love "3Tea" Printing? Whether you are a tea drinker, a tabletop gamer, or just love 3D printing, this set is a fun addition to any home. 

INTRODUCTORY PRICING valid through 2-14-24

Let's checkout the various designs. There's a Medieval Castle, a Japanese Teahouse, a SciFi Cantina, a Fantasy Cottage, a Chinese Pagoda, and an Egyptian Obelisk. 

    Use these sets to add some flair to your afternoon tea, or to add some theming to your tabletop games, or both!

    Dimensions: Teahouses and Tea Caddies are designed to hold teabags that are approximately 72mm x 78mm or smaller.

    What's your favorite tea right now?

    Tell me in the comments below...


      "The Teahouses" project features:  Teahouse Stackers, Tea Caddy's, Sugar Bit Bowls, Saucer Cup holders, Dice Tower Conversion Pieces to convert your teahouses into tabletop dice towers, Bonus Tea Cranes, Bonus Cup Holders saucers and spills, and Bonus Tea Cups.

    Checkout these test prints below...

    Please Note:

         Most 3D printing materials are not considered "food safe". The items in "the Teahouses" project are designed to not physically come into direct contact with food. Please keep tea, sugar/sweeteners, and any other food item in their respective packaging when storing in 3D printed parts. The grooves in between layers can become a collecting point for bacteria. If you intend to place food directly on 3D printed items be sure use material that can handle heat and to coat your prints in a "food safe" epoxy resin. You can also choose to line the items with a food safe material such as parchment paper. Higher temperature filaments are recommended should you desire to put cups with "hot" beverages on coasters/saucers.

    What are 3MF files?

         3MF files are a type of 3d model file that allows components to be kept as separate objects, making them easier to color the various pieces when using a multi-material/color printer.

    General 3D Print Settings

    How large does my printer need to be?

    The models for "The Teahouse" will fit on an Prusa mini printer with a build volume of 180mm x 180mm x 180mm. 

    Recommended FDM Print Settings: 

    • Nozzle: .4mm
    • Layer Height: .2mm(thinner layers will give finer details.)
    • Infill:10-15%
    • Shells: 3
    • Supports: NONE

    Fast FDM Print Settings for larger items:

    (please note these settings will save time, but lose resolution.)

    • Nozzle: .6mm
    • layer height: .24mm - .3mm
    • Infill: 10%-12%
    • Shells: 2
    • Supports: NONE

    Can I use a Resin style printer?

       That really depend on you and your resin printer. Many of the pieces are small enough to print on a small / medium format Resin printer. However, they are also designed with FDM printing in mind, and have not been tested on a Resin printer.

    Are you new to Welcome! We've been designing Fun and Functional 3D printable projects for years, here's a few of our past projects below: 

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    But you don't have a 3D printer...

    Our licensed merchants will be able to offer the physical 3D printed models in their shops. Come see a list of merchants at

    There are also places you can use a 3D printer to print stuff. Check with your local Library, Maker Space, School or College. Often you can just pay for the cost of filament.

    Or if you are ready to jump into printing, here's our recommendations of 3D printers to look at: CLICK HERE

    When will the files be delivered?

        Hosting the files ourselves allows for instant delivery. No download codes, fulfillment services, or lost emails. Just add the set to your cart and complete checkout. Once your order is confirmed you can download the files and start printing. We recommend creating an account with to make it easier to access your files later, but it's not required.


        We are here for you!  If you have trouble downloading your files, or just can't figure out how something is supposed to print, please feel free to contact us.

    Will the designs change at all?

    The designs are ready to go, just download and start printing. Should there be any changes made we will simply update the download folder and send an email update. We reserve the right to update/modify the designs for any purpose, including improving their printability or just making them look cooler.

    Terms of Use

    The files for "The Teahouses" are for personal use ONLY (unless you purchase a merchant license through You may NOT sell physical copies. The files may NOT be sold, modified, transferred or shared. They may NOT be edited and/or incorporated into other projects for any distribution, sharing or sale. We do not allow files/models to be re-distributed, or sold by any other seller. Files may only be modified for personal, non-commercial use. The models and graphics may NOT be used to train A.I. (artificial intelligence). Product files are sold “As Is”. In no event will Xykit be responsible for the direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages that are in any way related to the design. Xykit is in no way obligated to update or provide ongoing support for the digital product. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms of use.

    Merchant Licenses

        Thank you for your interest in being a merchant. If you would like to sell physical 3D prints of these designs you can sign up for our Merchant License program. Sell physical 3D prints of any designs you purchase from or our Kickstarter projects.

        *Pillars of Stone lifetime license only applies to the original Pillars of Stone models.

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    @Nikolas, yes, that is what it means. The various colored components are broken into separate pieces for easy coloring with multi-material printers.


    Are the 3mf files referenced here indicate they are already broken into pieces for multicolor printing?

    Nikolas Wilkinson

    It’s based on a kunekune pig cause those pigs are just plain cute!


    The pig!🐷🐽🫖🍵

    Joseph Pianta

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