What's going on Fall 2017!

Posted by Jason Wade on

     We've been busy, busy, busy. This October we plan to launch our Fantasy Boxes on Kickstarter.  These intricate, laser cut boxes are both decorative and useful. Themed in the Fantasy realm, they are great for storing all kinds of wonderful treasures and can be upgraded with various trays (sold separately) to specifically store, cards, miniatures, collectibles, dice, jewelry, makeup, potatoes (wait no, not potatoes).

     Any-who, we are heading into our busy season and are gearing up for Christmas, we will be adding various animal ornaments to our shop, including some new dog ornaments. We have some photos on our instagram if you are interested in a preview.

     We are also in the process of transitioning xykit.com to our own website, we will continue to sell on Etsy under xykit.etsy.com, but we will also maintain our own store outside of Etsy.

     Thanks for taking the time to see what's new! Stay tuned for more exciting happenings!

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