FREE - 3d Printable Crate and Barrel - Scatter Terrain (.stl file)

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Try out this digital download of our and and barrel for your tabletop games. Use them for your RPG adventures, or as cover for your war-gaming.

Can be scaled to any size you like. Miniature shown for product scale. Products are designed for 28 - 32mm gaming.

You will not receive any physical object with this listing, it is strictly digital files for your own personal use.

You MUST UNZIP the files before using them in any design / printing software.

Download will include the .zip file with the .stls for the crate and barrel. 

Recommended Print Settings:

Layer Height: .1mm - .2mm

Infill: 20% +

Supports: Optional

Download files for Personal Use for free, or choose the paid Commercial Use option if you intend to sell physical copies. See our TERMS OF USE page.

This probably goes without saying, but you are not allowed to resell any of the files. ©Xykit All the files are personally designed and tested by me (Jason) in my office in California.