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Pillars of Stone, 3D printable stl files

Pillars of Stone, 3D printable stl files

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Pillars of Stone is a collection of 3D Printable Tabletop Accessories with a hexagonal click-together base, using OpenLOCK clips by printablescenery.

Quick File Reference and 3D printing guides:

All Digital .STL files including unlocked Stretch Goals.

- 1 Free Obelisk tile
-3 Dice Towers
-3 Dice Tower Trays
-1 Rock Slide
-1 Rock Slide Tray
-1 Card Tray
-2 Slotted Card Holders (1mm and 2mm wide slots)
-1 Cell Phone Holder
-1 Name Plate
-52 inset lower and upper case letter blocks
-52 outset lower case and upper case letter blocks
-1 Shallow Tray
-1 Miniature Tray for various base sizes
-1 Paint and Brush Holder
-1 Pen Cup
-2 Sticky Note Holders (flat and angled)
-16 Decorative Bowls
-12 coasters
-6 Path Terrain tiles
-6 Scatter Terrain Tree Stumps
-4 Scatter Terrain Fantasy Rocks
-3 Scatter Terrain Basalt Formations
-3 Scatter Terrain Rough Basalt Formations
-1 Pillar with Flame
-1 Pillar Without Flames
-1 Pillar split into 3
-3 Column Pillars

= 54 tiles + 104 letters + 22 Scatter Terrain pieces

+ALL Unlocked Stretch Goals

*This is a digital download, no physical product will be sent. There are no refunds / exchanges for digital downloads.

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