Pillars of Stone, 3D printable stl files

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Pillars of Stone - 3D Printable Tabletop Accessories 

Thank you so much for backing this project, if you are a Kickstarter Backer, please choose your tier and apply your code to download.

Choose your license from the drop-down menu

- Personal Use "The Pillar"

-1 Year Commercial Use "The Stone Merchant"

- Lifetime Commercial Use " The Quarry"

If you missed the campaign but would still like to back the project you can pick one of the tiers from the dropdown menu.

Quick File Reference and 3D printing guides:

All Digital .STL files including unlocked Stretch Goals.

- 1 Free Obelisk tile
-3 Dice Towers
-3 Dice Tower Trays
-1 Rock Slide
-1 Rock Slide Tray
-1 Card Tray
-2 Slotted Card Holders (1mm and 2mm wide slots)
-1 Cell Phone Holder
-1 Name Plate
-52 inset lower and upper case letter blocks
-52 outset lower case and upper case letter blocks
-1 Shallow Tray
-1 Miniature Tray for various base sizes
-1 Paint and Brush Holder
-1 Pen Cup
-2 Sticky Note Holders (flat and angled)
-16 Decorative Bowls
-12 coasters
-6 Path Terrain tiles
-6 Scatter Terrain Tree Stumps
-4 Scatter Terrain Fantasy Rocks
-3 Scatter Terrain Basalt Formations
-3 Scatter Terrain Rough Basalt Formations
-1 Pillar with Flame
-1 Pillar Without Flames
-1 Pillar split into 3
-3 Column Pillars

= 54 tiles + 104 letters + 22 Scatter Terrain pieces

+ALL Unlocked Stretch Goals


*This is a digital download, no physical product will be sent. There are no refunds / exchanges for digital downloads.