Devdyn Talondryl's Journal of Everyday Dragons Tome Upgrade - 3D print files

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   This is the cover of Devdyn Talondryl's Journal of Everyday Dragons. Get the 3D printable articulated dragons HERE.

   Covered in the shed skin, scales and talons of a "Grass Hopper" wyvern. This is his notebook where he sketches and records details of the dragons he discovers.

PLEASE NOTE: This add-on set requires the use of components from the complete set of "The Librarian's Enchanted Tome 2 - Dark Times" sold separately.  Dragon in render sold separately.

     Talondryl is a quirky adventurer, a bit of a tinkerer. He's often out exploring in search of dragons no one has ever seen before. He uses "scanning bots" (artificed technology) to get closer images of dragons he doesn't wish to scare off. He'll usually be off for months on end exploring. He mostly keeps to himself, and others find him a bit odd. He feels quite justified by his discoveries, but some still think his dragon discoveries are all in his imagination.

Includes .3MF and .STL files and commander sized and standard spines

Recommended Print Settings:
Nozzle: .4mm
Infill: 12-15%
Layer Height: .2 (use .16mm or adaptive layer heights for more detail)
Supports: None

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