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Sample Pack, Pebble Brook - Digital Download

Sample Pack, Pebble Brook - Digital Download

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Download our sample pack of Tabletop Triangles. This new system for creating your own Tabletop maps allows you to print whatever you need to play your tabletop RPGs. Free if you subscribe to our newsletter!

This pack includes 6 tiles that match the landscape of our "Pebble Brook" region. 

Design your own maps using these hand-drawn landscape tiles. Print as many tiles as you need for your adventures.

Print the tiles you want to use, cut them out and tape them together from the back to build massive maps. Or if you're feeling fancy and want to reuse the tiles, glue them to a piece of cardboard or chipboard and cut them out.

Includes the PDF files for printing with or without the 1 inch hex grid.

Compatible with our other Tabletop Triangles sets.

NOT a physical product. You will receive a .zip file with PDFs of the terrain tiles. You must unzip / extract the files before use.

These tiles are for personal use only and may not be resold or distributed. 

copyright Xykit 2019

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