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The Librarian's Enchanted Tome - Kickstarter Bundle - 3D print files

The Librarian's Enchanted Tome - Kickstarter Bundle - 3D print files

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The Librarian "ALL-IN" - as seen on Kickstarter

The Librarian "All-In" pledge - Personal Use

*REQUIRES: four 6mm x 1.5mm disc magnets per Tome (must buy separately) 

You get all the .stl files from the Kickstarter project:

The 6 Starting Tomes:

-Classically Bound
-The Lily Pond
-Stones of The Past
-Planetary Compass
-Wood & Wrought
-Gears of Time
(Right and Left Covers and Spine)
Removable Insert Trays:

-Double Deck
-Dice & Deck - w/optional divider
-Minis & Dice - w/optional divider
-Open Dice Tray - w/optional divider
-Tarot Card w/slots

-30 Front/Back Emblems
-26 Monogram Alphabet Front/Back Emblems
-23 Side Emblems
All Starting Accessories:

-Vermillion the Library Pet Bat (décor)
-Vermillion's Pedestal (with alphabet blocks)
-Ink Pot (hidden storage)
-Ink Pot Stand and Pen Holder (holds side Emblem)
-Librarian's Inbox (joining stacking card trays)
-Perpetual Calendar Business Card Holder
All Unlocked Stretch Goals:

  • The Celtic Chronicle
  • Emblem Pack 1
  • Multi-Divided Tray Insert
  • "Mini" Mini Book
  • Dragon Tome Form
  • Mimic Tome Form with Teeth Pages
  • The Commander Book with Large Trays
  • The Little Trays
  • Dice Tower Components (Bookshelf and Internal)
  • Runic Stones Tome Form
  • Miniature Display Library bookcase with wall mount bracket
Recommended Print Settings:
Nozzle: .4mm
Infill: 12-15%
Layer Height: .2 (use .16mm or adaptive layer heights for more detail)
Supports: None
If you want to print the interior pages, trays, and inner spine faster your can optionally use these settings for the less detailed pieces
nozzle: .6mm
Infill: 10-12%
Layer Height: .3mm
Shells: 2
Supports: None

*Digital FILES only, no physical product will be shipped


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