The Raconteur's Master Screen - 3D printing stl files

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A 3D printable Game Master Screen

    3D print yourself a customizable game master screen. A variety of corners, hinges, emblems and page textures to make your screen unique.

The Eager Apprentice includes:

-The Raconteurs Master Screen,

with leather texture and standard shelf.

+ All Unlocked Stretch Goals

  • Texture Pack 1 (parchment and wood)
  • Corner Pack 1 (3 new corner designs)
  • Hinge Pack 1 (2 new hinges)
  • New Mimic Front Emblem and matching corner
  • Note and Standee Initiative Clips
  • Backer's Choice, Dice Tower Spine
  • Woods / Forest emblem
  • Pirate / Skulls emblem
  • Cthulhu emblem
  • Dwarven emblem

The Meticulous Apprentice includes everything above plus:

-bonus wood shelves

-additional dragon scale texture

-dragon corner

-14 Sculpted Initiative Tracker Pieces

-The Bag of "Change" (Dice Bag)

-Reginald (The Master's Trained Rat, holds your pen)

-The Amulet of Secrets (holds up to 3 special dice)

+ All unlocked Stretch Goals shown above

The Industrious Apprentice is our merchant tier

This is a 1 year license to sell physical prints of the screen and includes all the files from the meticulous apprentice.

Merchant Tier, Terms of Use

The Merchant Tier grants you a 1 year commercial license to sell physical 3D printed version of the models.

  • This license grants the entity/ individual one year of Royalty Free use and is non-transferable.
  • You may only 3D print physical, un-modified versions of the items for sale.
  • The design must be attributed to " Jason Wade,".
  • You may NOT sell, share, transfer, modify or distribute any of the digital files, images, graphics, or media.
  • The files may not be modified and/or incorporated into any other project in digital or physical form for sale or distribution.
  • These files may NOT be used to make molds for casting.