3D Printable Halloween RPG set - Scatter Terrain (.stl file)

  • $2.00

Do you have an adventure planned for this Halloween? If so, pick up these Halloween themed .stl files. Files are sized to be used with 28-32mm miniatures for tabletop games.

This set is designed specifically to be printed on an LCD SLA resin 3d printer, however, it can also be printed on a standard FDM printer. (fits perfectly on a bed size 4.7 x 2.6 x 6.1 inches or larger)

the "joinedpieces" file has all of the pieces that don't require support linked together and ready to print.

This digital download includes:

  • 3 Pumpkins
  • 1 Coffin Bottom
  • 1 Coffin Lid
  • 3 Gravestones
  • 1 Hay-bale
  • 1 Straw-bale
  • 1 Hollow Stump
  • 1 Cat sitting
  • 1 Raven
  • 1 Skull

You will NOT receive any physical product with this listing, it is strictly the .stl files for your own personal use.  The files are placed into a .ZIP folder and will need to be un-zipped prior to use.

Tested on: Elegoo Mars

Recommended SLA Print Settings:

Layer Height: .05 - .1mm

Infill: NO

Supports: Yes, Raven and Cat models


Recommended FDM Print Settings:

Layer Height: .1 - .2mm

Infill: 10-20%

Supports: Yes, Raven and Cat models

This probably goes without saying, but you are not allowed to resell or distribute any of the files. ©Xykit All the files are personally designed by me (Jason) in my office in California.


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