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The Librarian's 3MF and Version 2 Upgrade Pack - 3D print files

The Librarian's 3MF and Version 2 Upgrade Pack - 3D print files

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The long anticipated 3MF + Version 2 upgrade pack for the Original Librarian's Kickstarter!

   This Upgrade Pack converts the original Librarian's Enchanted Tomes to Version 2 and .3MF files for easy color printing. The original tomes can now be built like Librarian's 2.


BRAND NEW "Mini Tome", with updated pages, that has been fully converted to version 2 and a NEW front and side emblem mini tome variant!

**This is NOT a stand alone set, and requires "The Librarian's Enchanted Tome 2 - Dark Times" set.

What's Included?

This set includes over 130 .3MF files for all the original tomes, stretch goal tomes, front emblems, and side emblems. They have been converted to the Librarian's 2 format with single pages, magnetic spines, and magnetic emblems. The .3MF file format allow you to easily color the various pieces for color/multi-material 3D prints.

*REQUIRES: 6mm x 1.5mm disc magnets (each tome needs 22, plus 3 more for each front emblem, and 2 for a side emblem) (must buy separately) 


  • Classically Bound
  • The Lily Pond
  • Stones of The Past
  • Planetary Compass
  • Wood & Wrought
  • Gears of Time
  • The Celtic Chronicle
  • The Mimic Form (new sculpted teeth page)
  • The Mini Tome (NEW Emblem Front/Back, emblem spine, and single page)
  • NEW Mini Tome "The Traveler's Cypher"
  • The Commander Tome
  • The Dragon Tome
  • Runic Stones

PLUS - The Library Dice Tower Spine! (added 2-26-24) and the Mimic Tongue Page (added 3/1/24)

If you'd like to convert all of the standard tomes to Commander Size Tomes, check out our commander spine upgrade pack! On SALE now!

*This set does NOT include the accessories, trays, or non-tome items from the original Kickstarter.

**digital files only, you will receive the .3MF files to 3D print these models yourself, no physical product will be shipped.

***Files/models are for personal use, and subject to our terms of use.

A merchant license may be purchased to sell physical 3D printed versions of the designs. For more information, please CLICK HERE. Digital files may NOT be shared or sold.

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