Terms of Use - Laser Files


Individuals / Businesses grossing less than $250,000 (USD) annually

-Personal Use

-Commercial Use

-Attribution “designed by xykit.com” (see below)

By purchasing our designs, Xykit grants you a license to produce and sell physical versions of the design. All digital files, images, media, and documents belong to Xykit. You are NOT allowed to share, sell, modify*, or distribute the files, media, documents, or images. You may not use our product images for your own online listings. Xykit makes no warranties in respect to the use, sale, or manufacturing of the design. Product files are sold “As Is”. In no event will Xykit be responsible for the direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages that are in any way related to the design. By purchasing our product(s), you agree to these terms of use.

*if you wish to add your own custom engravings and or logos to our designs you may do so, you may not tweak the files and sell them as your own.

Businesses grossing over $250,000 (USD) annually

We’re so glad you are interested in our designs, if your business grosses over $250,000 (USD) you will need to sign up for our Merchant Program in order to sell.

Free files:

Free files are for personal use, however if you are a small business and want to use them for commercial use, just choose the “commercial use” options from the drop down menu. The paid version allows both personal and commercial use like the rest of our designs.


How do I properly attribute the products from Xykit?

Attributing the design credit is quite simple, there are several ways to accomplish this:

1.) When creating online listings to sell the products, the listing simple needs to state in the description that it is "designed by xykit.com"

2.) If the product has "designed by xykit.com" already on the file, just make sure to leave it on the product. Some files that have multiple configurations may have it engraved multiple times, you do not have to engrave it multiple times, once is sufficient.

3.) If you sell products in person and the item doesn't have "designed by xykit.com" worked into the design (such as our craft vectors), all you need to do is print this .pdf sign and display it with the product. 

4.)If you post pictures on social media, you can tag us @xykit

Why do I have to attribute xykit.com?

   We are proud of our designs and stand behind them. All of our designs are original and tested, we provide a quality product and we want to pass that quality on to you and your customers. There is a lot of copyright infringement and fraud in our digital age and by attributing design credit to xykit.com it helps to combat digital theft.

updated March 2023