The Level-Up - Bundle - 3D print files

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Upgrade you game room, office, bedroom or any space you choose.

(Add-On Animal Companions are NOT included, can be purchased separately.) 

PDF Index - Guide

The Level-Up includes:

3D printable:

-dice orbs
-animal companions (Axle, Felix, Phineas, and Panda)
-wall art
-table clamp
-gamer hub
-bit bowls
-cup holders
-and accessories

and an 80 piece alphabet set.


All unlocked Stretch Goals:

  • Coins
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
  • Magma Ball
    • Stand
  • Alternate Lion Banner
  • Headphone Holder Corbel
  • Mysterious Stone Orb
    • Stand
  • Japanese Lantern
  • Boiling Cauldron Dice Orb
  • Dragon Head Wall Art (BACKER’S CHOICE #1)
  • Community Dragon Item
    • Bookend Version
  • Owlbear and Cubs Bookend
  • Miniature Shelf with Corbels
  • Panda Animal Companion
  • Prop Weapon Wall Mount
  • Backer’s Choice #2, (PROP WEAPON)Draconic Hammer

*digital reward, you will receive the .stl files to 3D print the included models yourself.

**downloads are for personal use only, unless a merchant license is purchased, please see our terms of use