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ADD-ON Bee Apiaries - Blizzard Bluffs - 3D print files

ADD-ON Bee Apiaries - Blizzard Bluffs - 3D print files

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Good mead doesn't grow on trees! This little bee farm comes with a Large and Medium sized apiary, a tool shed, a work table, a honey barrel, a sled, and two fence pieces, one with a gate (use 1.75mm filament for hinge).

Includes both a snowy and non-snowy version.

Add-on item for the Blizzard Bluffs Kickstarter

Recommended FDM print settings:

Layer Height: .2mm

Infill: 12-15%

Supports: None


These items can be scaled to your desired size

Fit in a build volume 180mm x 180mm x 180mm (7in x 7in x 7in)

*digital item, you will receive the .stl files to 3D print the included models yourself.

**downloads are for personal use only, unless a merchant license is purchased, please see our terms of use


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