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Dice Tower Bridge - Add-On - (Laser Files Download)

Dice Tower Bridge - Add-On - (Laser Files Download)

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Do you want to connect your dice towers and allow for dice to randomly roll from one tower another? Then try out this great addition to the dice tower project. 

You will need to purchase a tower from "The Dice Tower Project - laser files" to use this bridge. We have included the bridge with and without a snapping mechanism to help keep the center baffle in place when dice hit it.  The snapping version also comes with a few decorative skins:  castle stone, wood, and cobblestone. Also includes instructions six bonus decorative levers that can be switched out with the default lever. 

The bridge pieces are designed to use 3mm thick material. All the pieces are placed into panels with little tabs that help hold them in place for cutting and sanding. The panels will fit in lasers with a bed size of 300mm x 500mm (12in x20in).

NOT a physical product.

These premium files are designed in millimeters, for best results be sure to set your default units accordingly.

-RED is engrave
-BLUE is vector engrave (light cut)
-GREEN is 1st cut layer
-BLACK is 2nd cut layer
-YELLOW is the 3rd cut layer

Once your payment has been confirmed you will be able to download the files.

You MUST UNZIP the files before using them in any design / cutting software.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to help.

©Xykit, All the files are personally designed by me (Jason) in my office in California.

See our TERMS OF USE for usage rights.

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