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Laser Cut DM Screen - Fantasy & Sci-Fi (SVG Files)

Laser Cut DM Screen - Fantasy & Sci-Fi (SVG Files)

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Have you ever wanted a Dungeon Master Screen that can hold a monitor for your players? Track initiative, display maps, and inspire your players with images of the beasts they are battling.

This set includes all the SVG files to cut the DM screen yourself, and has a Fantasy and Sci-Fi front plate shown in Gaming Geek's Video

*Requires a laser cutter with a minimum cutting area of 300mm x 400mm (you will need to use the Split Front. If you have a laser with a 430mm length, you can cut the un-split versions.

This screen was *inspired by Power Word Spill on YouTube, and designed in collaboration with GamingGeek.  You can watch him build it, or me design it HERE.

*The overall dimensions and design were made from scratch and have been changed to work with laser cutters. Magnetic custom front plates were also created for this project.


This screen requires extra items to build: the specific monitor below, hinges, magnets, glue, wood, etc. Below are links to some online options.

- MNN 15.6" PC Monitor: 

(this is the monitor the screen was designed for in late 2023, we make no promises as to the manufacturer continuing to sell the screen or continue to offer the exact size. We recommend checking stock first.)

- 6mm x 3mm Magnets:

- Hinges: (check out your local hardware store also)

- Wood Glue:

- Superglue:

-90 Degree HDMI mini: ( two variants, only one works)

- Laser Cutter used by Gaming Geek: (use whatever laser cutter you prefer)

The screen requires 3mm thick material, we recommend baltic birch plywood. The best place to buy this is your local wood store, however you can find it pre-cut online, but it typically will cost more.

Amazon Affiliate Links above: (we may receive a small commission on qualified purchases at no extra cost to you.)

Cutting the Files

These files are designed in millimeters, for best results be sure to set your default units accordingly. 

-RED is engrave
-GREEN is 1st cut layer
-BLACK is 2nd cut layer

Once your payment has been confirmed you will be able to download the files.

You MUST UNZIP the files before using them in any design / cutting software.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to help.

©Xykit, All the files are personally designed by me (Jason) in my office in California.

See our TERMS OF USE for usage rights.

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