Librarian's 1 & 2 Complete Bundle - 3D Print Files

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Did you miss the Kickstarter's for The Librarian's Enchanted Tome, and the Librarian's Enchanted Tome 2 - Dark Times?

Well, cry no more! This bundle brings you everything from both projects, along with two upgrade packs(commander spines & 3MF files), a bonus Necronomicon Tome, and the GIANT tome stretch goal from Librarian's 2.

Build all the tomes in two different styles, with half pages, or full pages. Make Commander sized deck tomes, or build a GIANT store your RPG books. Customizable with a variety of interchangeable emblems, spines, and trays!

*REQUIRES: 6mm x 1.5mm disc magnets (each standard tome needs 22, plus 3 more for each front emblem, and 2 for a side emblem) (must buy separately) 

Librarian's 1 Includes:

The 6 Starting Tomes:

-Classically Bound
-The Lily Pond
-Stones of The Past
-Planetary Compass
-Wood & Wrought
-Gears of Time
(Right and Left Covers and Spine)
Removable Insert Trays:

-Double Deck
-Dice & Deck - w/optional divider
-Minis & Dice - w/optional divider
-Open Dice Tray - w/optional divider
-Tarot Card w/slots

-30 Front/Back Emblems
-26 Monogram Alphabet Front/Back Emblems
-23 Side Emblems
All Starting Accessories:

-Vermillion the Library Pet Bat (décor)
-Vermillion's Pedestal (with alphabet blocks)
-Ink Pot (hidden storage)
-Ink Pot Stand and Pen Holder (holds side Emblem)
-Librarian's Inbox (joining stacking card trays)
-Perpetual Calendar Business Card Holder
All Unlocked Stretch Goals:

  • The Celtic Chronicle
  • Emblem Pack 1
  • Multi-Divided Tray Insert
  • "Mini" Mini Book
  • Dragon Tome Form
  • Mimic Tome Form with Teeth Pages
  • The Commander Book with Large Trays
  • The Little Trays
  • Dice Tower Components (Bookshelf and Internal)
  • Runic Stones Tome Form
  • Miniature Display Library bookcase with wall mount bracket

Librarian's 2 Includes

The 6 Starting Tome Forms:

  • -The Goblin Tome
  • -The Elder Script
  • -Feathered Fiend (Owl Bear)
  • -Skeletons Compendium
  • -Deadly Demons
  • -Great Spiders

(Right and Left Covers, spines and inner pages for standard and commander size tomes)

  • + NEW Removable Insert Trays
  • + 24 NEW Front/Back Emblems
  • +24 NEW Side Emblems
  • +26 Mysterious Script Alphabet Emblems
  • + The Librarian's Wand
  • + The Dungeon Torch

+ Stretch Goals 1-4,6-8

  • The Yeti Frost Tome (Face and Cave versions)
  • The Torch Wall Mount
  • Multi-Purpose Trays
  • Goblin Dice Pal ("a Foe in the basement")
  • Plague Doctor Tome
  • The Device (Tome Stand)
  • Bonus Emblems

PLUS all the upgrade packs and items mentioned above!

Recommended Print Settings:
Nozzle: .4mm
Infill: 12-15%
Layer Height: .2 (use .16mm or adaptive layer heights for more detail)
Supports: None
If you want to print the interior pages, trays, and inner spine faster your can optionally use these settings for the less detailed pieces
nozzle: .6mm
Infill: 10-12%
Layer Height: .3mm
Shells: 2
Supports: None
*Please note, the V2, 3MF pack upgrades all the tomes to .3MF files, but does not convert the original Kickstarter, non-tome accessories to .3MF files. 

**digital files only, you will receive the .3MF files to 3D print these models yourself, no physical product will be shipped.

***Files/models are for personal use, and subject to our terms of use.

A merchant license may be purchased to sell physical 3D printed versions of the designs. For more information, please CLICK HERE. Digital files may NOT be shared or sold.