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Rubber Band Cannon - 3D print files

Rubber Band Cannon - 3D print files

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This 3D printable rubber band cannon from "The Level-Up" Kickstarter is more than just for looks. It actually fires!

We recommend firing soft items such as crumpled paper or cotton balls. Do NOT aim directly at people, pets or breakable objects.

Prints support free in multiple pieces.

We recommend supergluing the "plunger cap" to the "plunger arm".

Needs two rubber bands (not included)


Recommended Print Settings:

Layer Height: .2mm

Infill: 12-15%

Supports: (raft optional for tall  cannon barrel)


Individual pieces fit in a 180mm x 180mm x 180mm build volume

*digital reward, you will receive the .stl files to 3D print the included models yourself.

**downloads are for personal use only, unless a merchant license is purchased, please see our terms of use

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