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Tabletop Clamp System - 3D print files

Tabletop Clamp System - 3D print files

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This is the Tabletop Clamp System from "The Level-Up" Kickstarter

Do you want to get organized during your tabletop games? This tabletop clamp set features a gamer / player hub, cup holder attachments and game accessories to your tabletop.

Gamer Hub, Clamp Body and bits bowls use openLOCK clips (included).

NOTE: Be sure to clear out the built in supports in the openLOCK joints with needle-nose pliers or a screwdriver.

This set includes:

  • Tabletop Clamp (3 sizes)
  • Gamer Hub (includes a cut version for smaller build volumes)
  • Bit Bowl 1
  • Bit Bowl 2
  • Bit Bowl 3
  • Cup Holder 1
  • Cup Holder 2
  • Cup Holder 3
  • Cup Holder 4
  • Cup Holder 5
  • Snack Bowl 1
  • Snack Bowl 2
  • Hanging Tray 1
  • Hanging Tray 2
  • Hanging Tray 3
  • Cell Phone Holder (with tray and without tray)
  • Tabletop Hook
  • 80 piece, Alphabet / Symbol Set

Recommended FDM print settings:

These prints get their strength from their orientation, and from the "shells" or outer walls. Do NOT overtighten the screw as it can cause warping or breaking of the clamp body.

Layer Height: .2mm

Shells: Minimum 2, 3+ recommended for clamp body


Supports: for the Gamer hub we recommend, supports touching build-plate only


Most pieces print on a build volume that 180mm x 180mm x 180mm, The Player Hub has a cut version that can bee glued together after printing to fit in this build volume.

*digital item, you will receive the .stl files to 3D print the included models yourself.

**downloads are for personal use only, unless a merchant license is purchased, please see our terms of use

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