The Sword in the Rune Stones Bookend - 3D print files

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Another 3D printable favorite from "The Level-Up" Kickstarter,

The Sword in the Rune Stones Bookends

These 3D printable bookends include a support free sword that can be slid into the stones. Are you worthy to remove the swords?

Recommended Print Settings:

Layer Height: .2mm

Infill: 10-12%

Supports: NONE


Each half measures approx. 118mm x 112mm x 156mm

Includes two piece sword (clips together with openLOCK clip), plain versions of the rune stones without sword cutouts, and 3 different length bookend "tongues" to glue underneath the bookend.

*digital item, you will receive the .stl files to 3D print the included models yourself.

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