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Wound, Health, Score Tracker Designs (digital download)

Wound, Health, Score Tracker Designs (digital download)

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This listing contains the digital files for cutting and making your very own laser cut counter and trackers. Use them for Wounds, Score, Health (HP), or Poison. You will receive a .zip file with the .svg, .eps and .dxf. We recommend using 3mm thick material, however the designs can made using slightly thinner or thicker material you will just need to match the thickness of your magnets to the thickness of your material.

*PLEASE NOTE: you will need to purchase magnets separately in order to build this file. We recommend using 3mm thick x 6mm round neodymium disc magnets. The holes are pre-sized to approx. 6.1mm but you may need to adjust the size for your specific magnets. You can use a small drop of superglue to help hold the magnets in place.


This Design Pack includes:

- 3 Dial counters (0-10 counter)(gear, hex, circle)

-5 Mini Counters with text (0-10 counter) (Wounds, Health, Damage, Score, HP)

-5 Single Counters with Art (0-10 counter)

-5 Double Counters (1 variant) with art and optional backs

-Our Free Counter for commercial use( see terms of use page)

-There are three dial shape variants and "count up" and "count down" options.


-RED is engrave

-GREEN is 1st cut layer

-BLACK is 2nd cut layer

-YELLOW is the 3rd cut layer

You will not receive any physical object with this listing, it is strictly digital files for your own use.

Once your payment has been confirmed you will be able to download the files.

You MUST UNZIP the files before using them in any design / cutting software.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to help.

©Xykit, All the files are personally designed by me (Jason) in my office in California.

See our TERMS OF USE for usage rights.

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